GazMart was set up, driven by the need to provide affordable everyday brands to the Zimbabwean community in the diaspora. They say, “there is no place like home”, but in cases where one can’t be home then a taste of home, the feeling of the familiarity you grew up around can be of console.


       Despite GazMart being new to the distribution market, a wealth of experience in the retail sector comes to the company. The Director has worked for over 7 years in the distribution arm of one of the biggest supermarkets in UK, and also one of the worlds largest logistics blue chip companies in the world.

Our vision is to provide Zimbabweans and other Africans in the UK diaspora with “Home” brands that they miss abroad.


       We aim to provide products at unbeatable and competitive prices made possible through effective Supply-chain models. The ultimate goal will be to put these products on the shelves of the main supermarkets and share the joys and tastes of our Mother-Lands.

        Our initial offering will only be the Mazoe  Brand of Drinks but with more coming soon. We are purely online, making it convenient for most of our clientele.