Gazmart is a supplier of Zimbabwean foods to the diaspora community in the UK and across the EU. Our product range from Mazoe, Things, Cheezies, Jupiters, Biscuits (Variety). We aim to increase the range we supply gradually whilst maintaining affordability. 

We are also have our sister supplier in Zimbabwe to offer your families back home with some of the best prices.

Freight, Imports and Exports

AS an Importer/exporter of products between UK, Zimbabwe, South Africa and China we have mastered the art of moving goods across continents and such from March 2020 we started offering Freight services for customers wishing to goods to Zimbabwe. Movement of our consignments is not governed by the amount of bookings we get as these are consolidated with our own export consignments. We have a container that leaves UK - Zimbabwe every 6 weeks and sea freight takes 6-8 weeks to reach Harare. Please feel free to get in touch if you require to send goods to Zimbabwe or if you would like to know more.

Project Management

A property is one of the biggest assets that people invest in and at tims all we need is someone who can understand the Zimbabwean systems. With a lot of stories of cowboy work being done and other more sinister stories, GazMart through its Zimbabwean partners have introduced Project management to help facilitate professional workmanship and a high level of work. Over the last 7 years we have partnered an amazing portfolio of contractors. We have so far managed some properties i All products are sourced at best prices and in cases of finishes to give that unique touch we import that unique touch from our beloved UK. Please do get in touch for full details.